How will I know what to do to prepare for service? Preparation instructions are located on this website on the Preparations page. You will also receive instructions from our office prior to our visit. It is most important that all preparation instructions are followed. Failure to prepare sufficiently may prevent us from treating and/or result in a less effective treatment.

Do my cupboards need to be cleaned out? If your home or apartment is being treated for German Cockroaches, you may be instructed to remove all items from your kitchen and bathroom cupboards. It is very important that everything be removed from all cupboards both to avoid any contamination and to allow us to reach the cracks and crevices for treatment.

Is it necessary to clean? Many household pests feed off of some sort of organic debris or spills. when their food source is absent their ability to survive is greatly reduced. Keeping the ktchen, bathrooms, and carpets clean will go a long way in preventing cocroaches, fleas, and other pests.

Should I clean my cupboards after they are sprayed and before I put anything away? Once dry, you should be able to return items to the cupboards. If you wash the cupboards, you may diminish the effectiveness of treatment or cause gel baits to "run".

Do I have to leave while treatment is being performed?: You should always be prepared to leave during treatment and for the prescribed time following treatment. Occasionally baits or other material may be used that do not require you to leave. Generally speaking, however, you should be prepared to leave for the amount of time indicated.


Are you licensed?: We are licensed by the state of California Structural Pest Control Board and are insured according to state rules and regulations. We follow strict guidelines imposed by federal, state, and local agencies governing the practice of pest control and are updated through written material and continuing education provided by university and industry experts.

How long have you been in business?: Serving San Diego for over 27 years, Centurion Pest Control was established in September, 1977.
Are the chemicals safe?: When applied according to label directions these chemicals pose minimal risks that are found acceptable by state and federal standards.

What if I smell an odor?: Most of the chemicals we use are very low odor. Odors are often put in the chemical to alert those nearby to its presence. If the premises have been vacated for the prescribed time, residual odors should be minimal and not toxic. If you have questions about an odor, feel free to contact the pest control company or the Poison Control Center in your area.

Will the chemicals hurt my pets?: If proper precautions are followed the chemicals pose a minimal and acceptable risk to animals as with humans. Particular attention should be paid to birds and fish, both of which are usually very sensitive to chemicals. Please follow all safety precautions given by the office and/or technician.

Will the chemicals damage my furniture, clothing, carpets, etc.?: Materials used for pest control, when used according to their label, should not damage your home or personal belongings. Occasionally a material may be used that leaves a visible residue against a dark surface. It can usually be scrubbed clean with an appropriate cleaner.


How do I make an appointment?: If you need the approval of an owner or property manager, please talk to them first. Sometimes they will arrange the appointment with us. If they ask you to make the appointment, simply call us at (858) 538-5400 or toll-free at (800) 378-PEST.

Will I have to wait all day?: Whenever possible, we try to schedule appointments within an hour block of time. We ask that you be present from the beginning of that hour until we arrive.

What if I am on a regular service?: Those on a monthly or bi-monthly service have been assigned a regular day of service. The day is indicated in the first three alphanumerics of the account number. 1MO=1st Monday, 2WE=2nd Wednesday, etc. We usually try to schedule special services on your regular day of service to minimize the travel time and distance.

What are your operating hours?: We are open Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

What if I can't be home?: Some of our customers leave a key in a hidden location or with a neighbor and notify us of it's location. Generally we can perform the service in your absence if we have adequate information and if the premises are prepared for treatment.

Services Offered:

Do you offer an ongoing service?: Yes! We offer a quality monthly or bi-monthly service customized to your specific needs. Just call us and we'll do the rest.

Do you accept credit cards?: Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard payments. We will also bill those who have established an account with us. To download the form used to pay by credit card or automatic check withdrawal, please click here. When you have completed the form you may either fax it to us at
(858) 484-7559; mail it to Centurion Pest Control, P.O. Box 720266, San Diego, CA 92172; or e-mail it to info@centurionpest.com.

What kind of pests do you treat for?: We treat for most pests that invade structures with the exception of wood destroying organisms (termites, fungus, etc.). Pests we treat for include cockroaches, fleas, ants, spiders, rats, mice, and various pantry pests just to name a few.

Do you get rid of skunks?: We do not remove skunks or other large vertabrate animals.

Do you offer a guarantee?: Yes. We offer a 60 day guarantee on "initial" work performed.