German Cockroaches
Pesticides and their application are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Federal Government. No pesticide may be applied in a food handling area that will contaminate food or utensils (pots, pans, glasses, plates, forks, etc.) that come in contact with food. Those items must be removed and covered. There is no exception to this law.

Due to the nature of the materials used to control cockroaches, complete control may not be achieved for approximately two weeks following treatment.


1. Please be prepared to vacate for at least four hours following treatment. When you return it is best to ventilate by opening windows.

2. Remove all contents of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Stack contents in a room other than the kitchen and bathrooms and cover with a sheet, blanket, or similar material.

3. Remove all kitchen drawers from the kitchen and cover. Please make sure that drawers and their contents are clean before returning them.

4. Do not return materials to kitchen or bathroom cabinets until material has completely dried. Additionally, do not clean cupboards with wet materials until control has been established to ensure that active material is not removed.

5. Remove contents of closets if closets are infested.

6. When chemicals are applied according to their label, risks are within limits found acceptable by state and federal government regulatory agencies. Please keep children and pets from the immediate area of application while service is being rendered and until the chemicals have completely dried.

7. If you have a fish tank you must cover it with a towel, sheet, or similar material, and turn off all aeration equipment until material is dry.

Depending upon the extent of treatment, the following preparations should be made:

1. Any exposed food should be covered or put in a cabinet or refrigerator.

2. If you have a fish tank you must cover it with a towel, sheet, or similar material, and turn off all aeration equipment until material is dry.

3. Pets should be removed from the yard if an outside spray is performed.

4. Counters should be clean and accessible.

5. Be prepared to vacate the premises for 3-4 hours if needed.

6. I tis helpful to know where the ants generally appear. Please be prepared to give this information to the technician when he arrives.

7. If baits are used, the following precautions should be observed - a) Please don't spray the baits. Ants will take the bait back to the nest and kill the rest of the nest, but they need free access to the bait for it to work effectively, b) Be patient; sometimes it takes a few days for the ants to be attracted to the bait or to be affected by it, c) Don't try to place the baits in the middle of an ant trail as a "scout" needs to enter the bait station first and lay a phermone trail back to the nest.

Information plays a key role in treating for rats or mice. Please be prepared to provide the technician with the following information:

1. Where have you physically seen rodent activity?

2. Have you noticed what appear to be any rodent droppings or urine stains? If so, where?

3. Have you noticed any damage to furniture or other household items that would appear to be caused by biting or chewing? If so, please identify the damaged areas.

4. Have you heard noises in the walls or ceiling that sound like scampering? chewing? Please be prepared to identify these locations and the frequency and extent of activity.

5. How long have you noticed the problem?

6. Do you have small children in the home? pets?

Flea activity will be most pronounced where pets spend most of their time. Please inform the techncian where your pet(s) tend to rest or spend most of their time.

1. Carpets and upholstered furniture should be vaccumed thoroughly before treatment, then vacuumed frequently following treatment beginning the next day for a period of at least two weeks.

2. Pets should be removed from the premises until it is safe to return (generally within three hours).

3. Pumps to aquariums should be turned off and the aquarium covered.

4. Dogs and/or cats should be "dipped" and treated with a designated flea control product such as "Advantage".

5. Premises will need to be vacated until the material is dry. The technician will give an approximate return time which will generally be within three hours following treatment.

6. If the yard is treated, please ensure that all toys, dog food, or other items that may be handled or ingested are removed or covered. Also, please be sure that grass is trimmed for maximum effectiveness.