Bedbug Control

Bedbug Facts

Bedbugs are small, brownish flat bugs that feed only on the blood of humans and animals.  They are roughly the size of a ladybug, with small eyes and a large antennae.  They can not fly, but move quickly over floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Bedbugs usually bite people at night while they sleep. They will feed anywhere on the body where the skin is exposed. They feed by biting through the ski with a long beak that they use to draw the blood. Although it seems as though bedbugs have come out of nowhere, they are usually brought into the home on luggage, clothing, used beds and used furniture.

How to Avoid Bedbug Infestation

When you travel, if you stay in a hotel or motel, it is wise to inspect your room when you first enter.  Do not immediately place luggage on the floor or on a luggage rack. Instead, put luggage and personal items in the bathtub while you turn down bedding, look carefully at the corners of the mattress and along its piping. Next, look between the mattress and box springs and behind the headboard. If you see multiple brown spots in any of these locations, ask for a different room - or go to a different hotel.Another way to avoid bedbug infestation is to avoid buying second hand beds, bedding, and furniture. Wash, dry, or freeze any clothing bought at a garage sale or second hand store right away. Reduce clutter around your home. 

Bedbug Control

The only way to remove bedbugs from your home is by using insecticides. Household surface sprays containing Malathion or Pyrethrum can be somewhat effective, but may not remove the full infestation. It is recommended that you contact a licensed pest control company for the treatment of bedbugs. If you believe you have an infestation of bedbugs, call us for a free estimate or to pick up a bug sample for positive identification. Be aware that other bugs leave itchy bites. Look around for spiders, or if your bites and mainly on lower extremities, check for fleas. If you find evidence of bedbugs, call our office for a free estimate.